Botswana Music Bibliography

Valiente Noailles, Carlos
1993 The Kua: life and soul of the Central Kalahari Bushmen. Rotterdam: Balkema.

This book on the Kua, or bushmen, of Botswana details their culture and lifeways. Although it is geared away from a strictly academic audience, the book does devote about ten pages to the music and song of the Kua. One the few sources I could find on Botswana so far.

(Not Annotated):

Balfour, Henry
1902 "The Goura, a Stringed-Wind Musical Instrument of the Bushmen and Hottentots." Journal of the Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland. V.32 156-176.

Brearley, John
1989 "Music and musicians of the Kalahari." Botswana Notes 20 77-90.

England, Nicholas M.
1995 Music among the Zu'/wã-si and related peoples of Namibia, Botswana, and Angola. New York: Garland Pub.

Wood, Elizabeth N.
1983 "The use of metaphor and certain scale patterns in traditional music of Botswana." African Music 107-14.

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