Malawi Music Bibliography

Mphande, Lupenga and Ikechukwu Okafor Newsum
1997 "Popular Music, Appropriation, and Circular Culture of Labor Migration in Southern Africa: The case of South Africa and Malawi." Language, rhythm, & sound: Black popular cultures in the twenty-first century. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press.

This essay examines the music of Labor migrants in South Africa and Malawi. It is also useful, as it brings two regions of Southern Africa together through the musical picture it creates.

Strumpf, Mitchel, et al
1993 Readings in Malawian Music: a collection of previously published articles on Malawian music. Zomba: Zomba Music Society.

This collection of essays on Malawian music covers subjects such as a general survey of the music, drum dances, Cewa concepts of musical instruments, studies of specific performers, and banjo traditions. This work covers many subjects in Malawian music, and is a good starting point for looking more deeply into the literature.

(Not Annotated):

Friedson, Steven M.
1996 Dancing prophets: musical experience in Tumbuka healing. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Kubik, Gerhard
1987 Malawian Music: a framework for analysis. Malawi: Center for Social Research, University of Malawi, Zomba.

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