Zambia Music Bibliography

Kubik, Gerhard
1975 Katchamba Brothers' Band. Manchester: Manchester University Press for University of Zambia Institute for African Studies.

This monograph explores the Kwela music of Southern Africa. In this case it is specifically Zambia that is the focus. Kubik discusses one group of Zambian performers of this type of music, an ensemble that includes guitar, penny-whistle, one-string bass, and a rattle. The group is examined in the light of regional influences on Zambian music, as well as within the context of Zambian popular music.

Longwe, Sarah H.
1998 Women know your place: the patriarchal message in Zambian popular song: a research report from the Women in Music Project. Lusaka: Zambia Association for Research and Development.

This book is approaches the popular music of Zambia from a feminist perspective. The author(s) examines the misogynist topics in many of the popular songs in Zambia. An interesting angle on the music due to its critical nature.

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Davidson, Marjory
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IJermans, Jan J.
1995 "Music and theory of the possession cult leaders in Chibale, Serenje District, Zambia." Ethnomusicology. 39:2 245-274.

Mapoma, Mwesa I
1988 "A glimpse at the use of music in traditional medicine among the Bantu: a case of healing among the Bemba speaking people of Zambia." Muntu 117-23.

Mensah, Atta Annan
1971 Music and dance in Zambia. Lusaka: Zambia Information Services

Mensah, Atta Annan
1970 "The music of Zumaile Village, Zambia." African Music. IV:4 96-102.

Nompula, Y.
1996 "Music and ritual in Sandile Ndlovu's faith mission." Zambezia 23:2 121-32.

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