Zimbabwe Music Links
* http://www.tiac.net/users/smurungu/home.html

The Mbira page: extensive site on mbira, including information on Shona and Ndebele culture, information on various types of mbira, mbira contacts (teachers, players, groups, makers) from around the world. Also, information on marimba, and chimurenga, the guitar style based on mbira music.

* http://www.dandemutande.com/

Dandemutande: this site is devoted to mbira and marimba, and Zimbabwean music in general. Has a magazine, contact information, information on many Zimbabwean musicians, and an email list for those interested in discussing various topics.

* http://www.mbira.org/

This is another mbira site. Run by Erica Azim, an mbira player; has information on buying, playing, and teaching mbira. Also, an article on singing in mbira music. Erica Azim draws from her own personal experience as a westerner learning mbira and relates her knowledge as well as advice for the western student attempting to cross certain cultural barriers in playing and understanding the music.

* http://www.zimfest.org/

Homepage of the Zimbabwean Music Festival, held annually, most often in the Pacific Northwest and West Coast of the United States.

* www.mbiravibes.com

Zimbabwe based website that sells mbiras and has other information.

* http://www.mbiradinda.com/

Mbira/percussion ensemble using instruments from around the world.

* http://hem.passagen.se/viktro/zw/

Info/Discographies on a number of Zimbabwean musicians.

* http://landow.stg.brown.edu/post/zimbabwe/music/zmusicov.html

Wonderful site with many articles on various aspects of Zimbabwean music.

* http://www.geocities.com/TheTropics/Beach/2521/

Real Audio sound clips from Zimbabwean bands. Also check out his other pages, devoted to Zambian music, Franco, Pepe Kalle, The Hammond Organ, and some other stuff.

* http://topaz.kenyon.edu/projects/ottenhoff/

An online essay about Mbira in Shona society from a student at Kenyon College, Ohio. Good use of multimedia, with sound clips, pictures, a bibliography, links, as well as the essay itself.

* http://mars.superlink.net/~rayash/mbira.htm

Ray is a student of Mbira from New Jersey. He provides some information on mbira, including his experience of learning it in the United States. He also brews his own beer...and it is very good (I tried some). He should try brewing the special beer made for the bira ceremonies!!

* http://www.servus.at/argezim/nyami/

A site devoted to Tonga culture.

* http://www.wbur.org/connection/

Zimbabwean mbira: a radio show called "The Connection;" this particular show was dedicated to the mbira, including mbira-playing guests, and ethnomusicologist (and mbira player) Paul Berliner. Includes songs played on mbira, as well as a discussion about the instrument, its music, and meaning in Shona society. By now this show can no longer be downloaded, but transcripts can be ordered.

* http://www.africaonline.com/AfricaOnline/music/Zimbabwe.html

A site with a good amount of information on Zimbabwean music, including mbira and chimurenga.

* http://www.mediaport.net/Music/Pays/zimbabwe/index.en.html

Discographies for a number of Zimbabwean musicians.

* http://ilam.ru.ac.za/clicks.htm

Web page with sound clip and picture of the Ngororombe (panpipes) of NE Zimbabwe (also played in Mozambique, and possibly elsewhere).

* http://www.bham.net/soe/stm/

Website of the group "Spirit Talk Mbira." They are based in London, and led by Chartwell Dutiro (my first mbira teacher), former mbira player for Thomas Mapfumo. The site includes extensive links, well organized, and relating to a variety of subjects.

* http://www.bham.net/soe/stm/nyakare.html

Chinyakare collective: a London based organization devoted to the teaching of Zimbabwean Music, language, arts, etc.

* http://www.shava.com/

A site with pages about the Jiti-dance music of Zimbabwe. Biographies of two Zimbabwean musicians: Virginia Mukwesha, and Oliver Mtukudzi. Other information

* http://www.wgbh.org/wgbh/pages/pri/spirit/specials/interviews/405trans.html

An interview with Stella Chiweshe for public radio. You can read a transcript, or listen to the interview and some mbira music using the Real Audio player.

* http://www.bham.net/soe/stm/jkindex.html

The article by Paul Berliner on the late master mbira maker, John Kunaka.

* www.goldnet.ch/shumba

* www.bokamarimba.com/

US marimba group.

* http://www.humansongs.com/resources.htm

Zimbabwean music record company, featuring multiple artists, links, etc.

* www.humansongs.com/chrisberry.htm

* www.geocities.com/dancingtreesmarimba

* www.efn.org/~shumba/

* homepage1.nifty.com/utmp/home.htm

* www.seanet.com/~bolen/zanga.html

* www.bigbadwolfdesign.co.uk/amakhosi/html/inxusa.html

* www.pobox.com/users/mbiraboston

Website of the Boston mbira community.

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